News and Events
Rules and Regulations
1 Name : Swaralaya
2 Address : Joshila, West Yakkara , Palakkad 678001.
3 Functional Jurisdiction : State of Kerala
4 Definitions : Unless it is not contrary to the functions objectives and context stipulated in these rules and regulations,"Rules and Regulations means the rules and regulations prepared and approved for the conductance of this ORGANISATION
5 Objectives and Functions:

To organize programmes of classical music and dance to promote and propagate the same among the common people so that they can appreciate and enjoy the same regularly
To Popularize Light music programmes further
To encourage art forms that preserves the identity,character and uniqueness of Kerala
To encourage motivate artists and performing troupes for propagation of national integration and secularism
To encourage the vanishing old art forms of Kerala and help and promote the artists in this field
To organize and conduct national level music and dance festivals.
To find out, encourage and promote young talents in the field of Dance and Music
To organize Seminars on various forms of art and culture associating major artists and art critics of India
To provide infrastructure facilities to facilitate and embark training in Dance and Music to interested children
To organize troupes of young artists for the performance of Light musical ensembles
To honour maestros of different art forms and give financial assistance wherever necessary To conduct good classical cultural programmers monthly and organize a national level festival of dance and music annually
To lead activities in schools and colleges that gives a sense of good cultural awareness to students
To formulate concrete action plan to eliminate the cultural decadence among young generation cultivated by the global visual media
To work in collaboration with Department of cultural affairs of Government of Kerala, Ministry of Human Resource Development of Government of India, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka academy, and Kerala Kalamandalam for the uplift and growth of Music. Dance and Folk arts
To organize a platform for generating a new healthy awareness in appreciation for films and to conduct film shows and seminars on different aspects of the subject
To conduct Jugalbandi programmes of Hindustani and Carnatic music to reduce the distance in appreciation or music