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Memberships Artists, activists in art and cultural field, and rasikas of arts within the functional jurisdiction of the organization are eligible to be the members of the organization. But, they should be prepared to abide by, obey the rules and regulations formulated to achieve the objectives of organization, and should have completed the age of 18 years at the time of enrollment as a member. Membership fees for Life Membership is fixed as one time, nonrefundable amount of Rs.5000/-(five thousand only). Annual membership fee will be Rs. 1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) per year.

Admission fee for both the categories of membership is Rs.10/-, payable at the time of enrollment. There will be no other category of membership in the organization. All the life members are eligible to be admitted in all the programmes conducted by the organizations with family not exceeding two members including himself. For the annual membership the admission will be single entry only. Guest will be admitted for the programmes on payment of guest fees as decided by the organization from time to time.