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General Body
General body means the meeting of the members of the organization legally convened. The decision taken by the general body will be final and ultimate.

The power to prescribe and amend the rules and Regulations of the organization is vested with General body.

The quorum of the General body will be 5% of the prevailing membership. All the decisions shall be taken by the majority of members of the General body. If the General body is divided equally among the members of the General body the president is entitled for casting vote. Two third majority of the members present is essential for amendment of Rules and Regulations. For amendment of Rules and Regulations of the organization notice should be given to the members,at least ten days in advance with a copy of the draft amendment proposed to be made.Annual General body meeting shall be held before 31" of May every year.General body meeting can be convened on other occasion if found to be necessary.

An executive committee of not less than 21 members shall be elected by the General body for day to day functioning of the organization.

The General body shall nominate and appoint a chartered Accountant for audit of accounts of the organization .

The General body shall approve the Budget, Annual accounts of Receipts and Expenditure, and Audit report in its Annual Conference

The general body shall have powers to cancel membership to members who involve in activities contrary to the objectives and functions of the organizations and violate Rules and Regulations