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Executive Committee
The administrative functions of the organization shall be carried out by the executive committee of not less than 21 members duly elected by the General body. One President, Three Vice presidents. One Secretary. Three Joint Secretaries and one Treasurer will be elected form the Executive Committee who will act as office bearers of organization..

The term of the Executive Committee will be three years,in normal course, form the date of election. The power to extent the tenure of the executive committee for a further period of six months is vested with the General body.

It shall be the duty of Executive Committee to prepare to present the budget and accounts of the receipt and Expenditure before the general body.

Copies of annual accounts of receipt and expenditure,Balance sheet and other connected records as are found necessary duly approved are to be filed before the district registrar of the jurisdiction with attestation and authorization of the two members of the organization, within 21 days from the date of conference of the General body

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Executive Committee to chalk out, finalize and conduct the programme from time to time. Executive Committee is vested with powers to appoint, and remove employees engage specifically for functioning of the organization and to fix remuneration for the employees and members if any engaged for discharging specific duties.Executive Committee shall be elected by the General body in its meeting convened with one month prior notice.Nominations for contesting to the executive committee shall be filed before the Returning officer within 10 days of the receipt of the notice of the General body meeting. The nomination can be within 5 days of its submission before the returning officer. If the total contestants to the Executive Committee is more than 21, election shall be held by secret ballet system. Office bearers shall be elected from among the members of Executive Committee in the presence of the Returning Officer.

Executive Committee shall invariably meet once in a month.

If a member of the office bearer is found to be involved in activities contrary to the objectives and functions, or defaming the organization and if the Executive Committee is satisfied that responsibility of such activity is established upon the member, such member can be removed from the organization by the president on proper advice of the executive committee. If the president himself is the culprit, he can be removed by the executive committee.

The Quorum of the Executive Committee will be one half of the strength of the committee