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Duties of Office Bearers
President : It shall be the duty of the president to conduct overall supervision and control of the organizotior, He shall preside over the meeting of the General body and executive committee. One of the Vice President shall preside the meetings in the absence of the president. It shall be the duty of the President to authorize and attest in all documents on jointly with the Secretary. The President and Secretary will collectively be the owner and custodian of all the properties of the organizations and will be in the name of the President and Secretary. Financial transaction through Banks will be carried out and con jointly by twoamong the President, Secretary and Treasurer. Legal activities seals, or any other related activities for or against the organization shall be in the name of the President.

Vice President : There will be three vice presidents and one among them as decided by the executive committee shall discharge duties pf the president in his absence

Secretary : Secretary shall convene the meetings of Executive Committee and General body as stipulated in rules and regulations. He shall discharge day-to-day affairs of the organization as directed by the executive committee.The annual accounts and report duly approved by the Executive committee shall be presented before the General body, by the Secretary. It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Secretary for the maintenance, upkeep and custody of the movable and immovable properties purchased for and on behalf of the Executive committee for its use, and bundle them as per Rules and Regulations.He shall also have the duties of preparation of records, correspondence, arranging programmes as decided by the Executive committee, contacting artists crd other personnel arsd others as instructed by the president and Executive committee from time to time

Joint Secretary : There shall be three Joint secretaries who will assist secretory and president incharge day-to-day functions. They shall have the responsibility of activities entrusted with them in particular field; assists secretary in concluding programmes and other activities as decided by the executive committee.

Treasurer : The treasurer shall be responsible to all the financial transactions of the organization. He shall maintain proper accounts of all the transactions and ledger the accounts in proper way. Preparation of annual accounts,Preparation of connected vouchers, getting the accounts audited and all other daily activities of money transactions shall be at the responsibility of the treasurer. He shall deposit the amount more than Rs.500.00 at hand in the bank nominated by the executive committee in the name of the organization.