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Collection and Utilisation Of Funds
Funds shall be collected as stipulated here under, for the functioning of the organization.

  • Subscription for life and ordinary membership

  • Funds collected as advance or otherwise as resolved by the Executive Committee from time to time to carryout the . function as stipulated in para5 of the Rules and Regulations

  • Financial Assistants from the Government or other agencies in general or for particular activities.

  • Donations from well wishers

  • Guest fees from guests of members

  • Sponsorship from Establishments, other organizations and individuals for conducting programmes
  • Funds of the organization shall be utilized in the manner as stipulated below;
  • Office expenses and postage charges

  • Expenses for fulfilling the objectives as contemplated in Para 5 of the Rules and Regulations

  • Expenses for conducting programmes

  • Funds collected and the amount of profits if any on this account shall be utilized strictly for the activities of the organization to achieve the objectives In the event of the organization 'Swaralaya' happened to cease to exist on any day, the properties of the organization shall be dissolved to other organization with the same objective or to the Govt. of Kerala, ultimately in any case. the properties shall not be distributed and given to the members of the organization, in the happening of the event as above

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